Creating Impact And Facilitating Positive Change Through Coaching

The continuous evolution of our programs keeps us on the front lines of coach training and facilitates life learnings for our program participants. Our ICF accredited ACTP programs give you the tools needed to be a professional coach.

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Who We Are

CoachCompanion is a coach training institute based in Sweden and has been in the coaching space for more than 15 years. We offer our ACTP accredited programs through our offices in Sweden, Finland, South Africa and Romania.

What We Do

Our programs are designed for individuals who are interested in pursuing coaching as a career, as well as those who want to develop and use coaching skills in their professional and personal lives to improve performance and maximize potential for themselves and their teams.

What We Believe

We believe that coaching is for everyone and it can change the world. We know the power of coaching and understand what a difference it can make. We want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to participate in this transformative experience.

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Our story

How We Change The World

At CoachCompanion Romania, we empower individuals, leaders, and their organizations by helping them become more self-aware. Self-aware individuals are able to overcome any self-limiting barriers to success and be more mindful in their thoughts and actions. A resultant combination of effective leadership, empathy, and compassion then continues to touch the lives of those they interact with; And you see an infusion of the benefits of coaching, further down the organizational pyramid, to help unlock latent efficiencies within your high-potential performers
and create higher profitability.

Thus, creating impact and facilitating positive change, one individual at a time.

Today, the value of coaching is a well-recognized fact. However, not all coaching programs are created equally. Romania too offers many coach programs, but the value derived from these programs is neither uniform nor uniformly recognized in the global arena. In such an environment, what makes CoachCompanion your best bet?

When you complete our programs, you see immediate benefits and can use your knowledge in a better way because we offer:

ICF Accredited Training Programs​

Trademarked Leadership & Coaching Models

Team of Internationally Recognized Coaches

Our Value proposition

Why CoachCompanion Romania

Who can benefit from Coaching?

Future ICF Coaches

Applicable for those individuals who want to expand their skill set to develop coaching as a viable career option. This can include:
-People interested in adding coach certifications to their portfolio
-Those who want to work in talent management
-Therapists who would like to add coaching as an additional dimension to their skill set

Managers and Team Leaders

Organizational leaders are expected to encourage their team's performance, allowing for them to reach their full potential. In such situations, coaching can be an active tool that helps leaders improve results through:
- Better change management skills
- Enhanced emotional intelligence
- Improved problem-solving skills
- A viable alternative to an MBA
- Coaching leadership skills

HR Professionals

HR teams and managers generally have mentoring responsibilities towards employees and line managers, which can be a daily activity.
Coach training will ideally help them:
-Evolve positive feedback styles
-Work with teams and line managers to improve performance
-Improve conflict management skills

Personal Development

Coach training for personal development can benefit anyone who would like to:
-Gain benefits from higher self-awareness
-Identify and overcome self-limiting beliefs
-Learn more about your emotional and thought patterns
-Set action plans for self-transformation

Who will help you get there?

Our Coach and Mentor Coach team have the highest credentials for providing coach training. In addition, this great team of coaches continue their coaching practice through CoachCompanion and can be contracted for personal coaching sessions for those who need them.

"I attended my first coaching program 11 years ago with the founder of CoachCompanion, Christina Lagnelius and I have worked as a coach since. I was intrigued by becoming a coach because I already used the coaching approach in my leadership training. Years past by and I moved to Romania 2015 had no idea I could continuing work as a coach. It turned out I could. When I decided to take myself to the next level it felt natural to turn to CoachCompanion again instead of a company in Romania as I knew they deliver good and high-quality coach training. With the warm and personal welcoming that is so significant for Christina and CoachCompanion she asked me to start CoachCompanion in Romania. Without hesitation I accepted, of course. I believe in the CoachCompanion concept and the Swedish model of training. To run an education company is a dream come true and I want to pass forward the experience of being a part of the CoachCompanion family."
Picture of Maria Dofeldt
Maria Dofeldt
CEO of CoachCompanion Romania
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