who can benefit from coaching

Coaching benefits ? Everybody can have them.


Imagine someone that listens to you without judging you, someone that doesn’t give you answers or advice. How many times have you thought “the person in front of me doesn’t have a clue about me and my skills, so how can that person give me advice?” With a coaching approach you feel listened to and you find the answers you need and how to handle a situation. Imagine this would happen in different areas of your life: at your job, in school, with your friends or kids. Or with your professional coach.

Now imagine you have the coaching approach. What can you achieve by listening to people instead of telling them? Even if you have good intentions, your solution might not always be the best for the person you talk to.

Would it motivate you to know that through active listening, the person you’re dealing with would grow as a person? With powerful questions, the person in front of you will find answers that were completely unexpected, perfect for the situation, and far better than you could ever think of. It can be hard not being the one that gives the solution if you’re used to it, but if you see people as individuals, you grow with them. You would be the person that made that happen. Now imagine this at your job, in school, with your friends or kids. Or as a professional coach.

Most people turn to coaching because they want a change in their life. I guess that by becoming a coach you work with yourself as a part of offering coaching to others. You are so used to helping others that you can’t imagine anyone helping you. But you get helped and you understand the power of coaching in your bones. How do you transform this new discovery into a business, because you want everyone to have the same opportunities that you experienced? Not everyone needs to have coaching as their main job, but everyone benefits from coaching. Other times, people are looking for “tools” to use in their daily life.

Coaching is a strong tool in any conversation. Why not as a parent, manager, therapist, or in sales?

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