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We identify a Coach as someone who facilitates life learnings, both personal and professional, through a focused and measured approach to help individuals attain previously unattainable goals. The keyword here is, facilitator. The coach acts as your learning companion. A person who helps you learn and utilize your learnings optimally.

The internal struggles that you face in your daily life can raise lasting internal barriers to success. These barriers stop you from performing at full potential. At Coach Companion Romania, a trained, professional coach can help work through such barriers using a non-invasive and self-discovery-based approach to unlock your latent potential, because this is what coaching is about.

Coaching is often confused with therapy since both professions aim to help their clients overcome difficulties. However, they are quite different in their approach and are therefore quite distinct in their application in real life. While therapists normally interact with individuals who suffer from psychological or emotional disorders, coaches work with healthy individuals who want to achieve personal and professional goals.

While therapists might delve into the clients’ past to identify underlying causes for an ailment, coaches are forward-looking – helping to unlock the latent efficiencies within an individual. Additionally, while therapy delves into the root of a problem and offers explanations, coaching encourages individuals to use a results-based approach to explore solutions themselves.

ICF or the International Coaching Federation is considered the gold standard in coaching. They are the only body that offers globally recognized coaching credentials to individuals who meet a strict set of requirements. An ICF credential is evidence of the fact that you have a deep understanding of the highest standards in coaching and have demonstrated a mastery in them. An ICF credential declares to the world that you are a professional coach who is recognized for their coaching excellence.

ICF offers three credentials for coaching excellence: Associate, Professional, and Master Certified Coach.

CoachCompanion is one of Sweden’s oldest coach training institutes. Our programs are ACTP certified by ICF. We are accredited by the ICF to certify our participants on the ACC (Associate Certified Coach) and PCC (Professional Certified Coach) levels. We trust in the power of coaching and believe that coaching can be a transformative experience. Our programs are therefore designed to encourage as many people as possible to participate in this journey of change.

CoachCompanion trusts in the power of coaching and we believe that coaching is for everyone. Our program will suit anyone who would like to use coaching tools in their role as an executive, manager, team leader, entrepreneur, physician, physiotherapist, educator, lawyer, consultant, or even a parent.

Private individuals who would like to attend CoachCompanion training programs have the option to avail of our payment plan option, which allows you to split the training costs.

Individuals who have already attended coach training previously through another program can choose to attend our continuing training options for certified coaches. This program extends your coaching knowledge into a niche area of your choice. We offer programs for the following Mastery modules:

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