Free Coaching by a Coach in basic Training

These sessions are completely free of charge since they are held with our program participants. The quality of all coaching options offered by CoachCompanion meets with the strict standards of quality as laid out by ICF.

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Please note that if you agree to become a practice client, you should be prepared to complete the number of sessions that you will agree upon with your coach. This is because the program participants need all their client hours to complete their training and you will be supporting them in this endeavor.

We cannot always guarantee you a coach during the training sessions. However, at the start of every new training, we provide information to all course participants about interested practice clients. The participants are then free to find practice clients from their own network or from our list. Participants usually appreciate having clients who are not previously known to them.

Historically, practice clients are very pleased with the results of the coaching they receive from our program participants. This is a genuinely great opportunity to receive free support to reach your goals.

To add yourself to the practice clients list, contact us today by filling in the form below or call us on +40 (0) 364 730 110.


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