Coaching by an ICF Certified Coach

We identify a Coach as someone who facilitates life learning, both personal and professional, through a focused and measured approach in order to help individuals attain previously the unattainable goals. The keyword here is ‘facilitator’. The coach acts as your learning companion. and most importantly a person who helps you to learn and utilize your learning optimally.

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The internal struggles that you face in your daily life, can set up lasting internal barriers to success. These barriers stop you from performing at full potential. At CoachCompanion Romania, a trained professional coach can help to work through such barriers, using a non-invasive and self-discovery-based approach to unlock your latent potential, because this is what coaching is about.

Empower yourself and your employees to be better than their current best
and reach previously unattained levels of success.

To hire one of our coaches for personal coaching sessions, contact us today by filling in the form in the link below or call us on +40 (0) 364 730 110.

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