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Maria Dofeldt, PCC

Coach- and leadership traininer / Mentor coach, CEO and owner CoachCompanion Romania

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I became a Professional Leadership Coach in 2009 through CoachCompanion after I have been working as a leadership trainer for a few years already. It was a natural and logic step in my career.

I have studied high school engineering and finance and worked as a trainer and manager in IT for about 10 years in Sweden. My next step was personal development and leadership training. Shortly after, I started my first company as a leadership trainer. One thing led to another and I continued to study behaviorism at university and specialization in Labor Science (HR) and Learning Organizations (LO – known as Systemic thinking).  This has been my guidelines ever since.

In 2015, my 2 kids and I followed my husband to Romania, and it wasn’t long before I started my coaching practice in Romania as well. Now, I’m following my dream  and I’m very proud to be part of the CoachCompanion family and develop a ACTP – coaching school in Romania. I find working as a professional coach and trainer to be incredibly fulfilling. I can use coaching to set free the potential in a client and truly believe that anybody can achieve anything, with a little help from a professional coach.

In Romania I have the opportunity to follow my passion and help stray dogs and cats and can proudly say I helped a few. In our family we have 3 adopted wonderful dogs. And a few very independent cats.

My biggest passion is to help people and organizations reach new levels of awareness. I hope to see you in coach training and maybe establish a lifelong collaboration in one way or another.

Contact Maria:

Str. Horea 10, Cluj-Napoca


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