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Tünde is the founder at DigDeeper Coaching & Training and has a background of 7+ years in Marketing, Social Media, Copywriting & Content Writing. Coaching and Training individuals and teams. And by doing what she loves, through intense coaching and training in personal development, as well as social media coaching & training she achieved 350+ coaching hours, 100+ Training hours… and counting.

Her goal is to help you become the best version of yourself.

“I am a dedicated Purposeful Development & Youth Coach determined to help people gain clarity, change their mindsets and discover how to shift their focus from what is not possible to what IS POSSIBLE. Coaching & Training individuals and teams are the two things I am most passionate about. I believe that there’s nothing more rewarding than to see people gain insight, discover a purpose and pursue it until they reach their goal whether it’s a professional or personal goal. “

“I am fascinated with how the human mind works, how different we all are and how important it is to offer the freedom one needs to explore, learn and understand the surroundings in their own way. Creating awareness has become my mission mainly because I felt it on my own skin. It brought balance in my life, less stress, more acceptance, empathy towards others and myself. It also empowered me to be a better professional. I find meaning when people offer me trust and invite me to join along in their journeys.

During so many years this fascination took different forms and ways to express itself but mostly the training room and the coaching space are the places where I can see that magic happening. Every little insight, every fear that is challenged, every frowned forehead that becomes relaxed, every smile that appears, people leaving the room full of confidence in themselves, that’s magic to me! It represents my own way of making the world a better place and that includes, of course, the workplace.

You can count on me to bring new ideas for learning experiences on the table. I love exploring, playing and I love nature, so it comes with ease to bring those elements in my work. What you’ll definitely find in my person is warmth, openness, playfulness, calm, accountability, a soft spot for punctuality, resourcefulness, creativity and grit. Also, a smile on my face :)”

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Str. Horea 10, Cluj-Napoca


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