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CoachCompanions Terms and conditions


This terms and conditions covers all contacts you have with us. We comply with the GDPR, which means that we protect your privacy and your right to have control over all your personal data with us.

In this policy we describe what data we collect, why we do it, how long they are stored, how you can be in control of them and how you contact us.

The policy applies in all contexts you are in contact with us, regardless of channel – mail, phone call, personal meeting, via the website or other social media.


We receive THE INFORMATION we collect primarily from you and with your consent. This can be just your name and email address when you, for example, signed up for something from us, wish to be contacted by us or want to subscribe to our newsletter.  If you are interested in our training, it is the name, mail and mobile nr and what training is of interest to get more information about.  As a course participant with us it is name, title, workplace, mailing address and if necessary, other billing address, email address, mobile phone number and which training/courses you participated in are collected. At the coaching courses it is also diploma or certificate that is saved and written feedback from oral examination.

In addition to name, mail and mobile, for coach/mentor collaboration, a written coaching agreement as a coach/client receives a copy of.


The PURPOSE OF The collected data is to be able to provide you with the very best service. That you get what you ordered, that you are notified correctly info about upcoming course dates/days, more information about areas you are interested in, and avoid info about things you are not interested in.

In terms of primarily social media, the aim is to disseminate our mission – We change the world – , the more people who find out what an education with us can give, the more we become who can contribute to a better world. Together we are strong!


The MAIN RULE is that all information stays with us. You should feel confident that we do not share any personal data with anyone else, whether private or public authorities.

Exceptions will be made when you accept that we may disclose information from/about you, e.g. Congratulations on social media certifications, quotes, pictures, interviews, videos, etc.


TrainingNames and contact details of participants are always saved as well as a copy of diplomas and certificates. Written feedback on the oral examination is saved annually and is destroyed after four years.

Course evaluations, feedback to mentorcoaches, and feedback from practice clients are collected, information that can be shared is saved, optionally, any action that needs to be performed, such as the Contact interested persons. Then all the substrates are destroyed.

Coaching och mentorcoaching: Written coaching agreement is destroyed when the cooperation is completed. Contact information on the client is added to the coach/mentor coach’s log for upcoming ICF certification, the client’s approval for it is saved.

Other documentary evidence about the client is destroyed within six months of completion of the assignment.

Other: Contact details for subscriptions and simular are retained as long as they are up to date for the person, or that the person asked to get taken off from the posting list.


OUR responsibility is to:

  • Follow the procedures mentioned
  • Keep all our records up to date and accurate
  • Delete emails that contain personal information
  • Destroy documents according to routines mentioned during thinning
  • Meet every customer who wishes to transparency/request change with the utmost respect and heed the wishes promptly
  • Conduct an annual reconciliation in the last week of June/first in July each year.


YOUR responsibility is to:

  • Be clear about where and how you want to be visible on social media whether it is for pictures of you or from an educational situation, quotes, stories, sounds or video recordings
  • Let us know if you want to read what information we have about you, delete certain information, or cancel a subscription
  • Inform us about contact information changes


If you have any questions or want to make a change, please contact us at contact@coachcompanion. ro  or + 40 (0) 364 730 110.

Purchase & Terms and Conditions



Registration for a training is binding. If the participant is prevented from participating due to sickness in any part of the training, the participant has the right to take up lost days in a new group within 18 months from the date of registration. If the participant wishes to advance their course start, a fee of 10% of the price will be charged unless a medical certificate is presented.

Privacy policy

The only information about our course participants stored at CoachCmpanion are:




Mobile number

Current purchases (trainings, coaching, etc.)

No personal information will be sold or disclosed to third parties unless the law requires it.


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