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Are you passionate about helping others and want to be even better at it? Do you want to develop your leadership skills and get tools to create lasting results? Do you want to make positive changes in your and others’ lives? Then this is something for you.

The introductory course is aimed at those who want to know more about professional coaching and coaching leadership. You may be looking for coaching education or you may be curious about what coaching is. Everyone is welcome! Come and get an insight into the coaching world and feel the CoachCompanion atmosphere, style, and quality of delivery.

What will you get out of it?
– Concrete tools that you can take home and use right away.
– Try out coaching.
– Learn more about professional coaching and coaching leadership.

Trainer: Maria Dofeldt

Maria Dofeldt is a trainer and mentor coach

“I have worked with the education my whole adult life, within leadership programs and as a professional coach for about 20 years. I’m passionate about helping people and amazed about the impact coaching has on people and the environment around them.”

Register now and invite friends and colleagues. We have limited places so pre-registration is required.

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