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At Coachcompanion we offer several specialization coaching programs and a wide range of shorter-term coaching courses. In addition, we offer courses in which people can discover and develop their talents and learn to use their skills to guide others in their process.



Coaching – ICF certification

Professional Coach with Diploma Program

This is the starting point for all coach training, the Professional Coach with Diploma Program, is ideal for those who want to bring a difference to other’s lives, as well as their own.

Self Mastery ICF Certification Program

We are one of the few training institutes accredited by ICF to provide training and conduct oral examinations on the ACC and PCC levels. Your goal to become certified is our goal too! And we support you throughout the whole journey.

The Coaching Approach

This module is a basic program in coaching. If you want to witness the benefits of coaching on yourself and on those around you or if you wish to add the coaching approach to your skills in order become better in your job role and your personal life this is the program for you!


Coaching Leadership with Diploma

Coaching Leadership with Diploma includes a 2-day add-on to the Professional Coach with Diploma program, where you will discover how coaching can be used in a leadership role.

Coaching Leadership in Practice

With good leadership, you create good results through motivated and self-going employees and this will have an effect on the financial result and provide good conditions for creating a sustainable and healthy work environment for you and your employees.

The Propeller Method for Leadership

How can coaching be used in a leader position? Be it in a formal or informal role? Or in a specialist role where coaching develops the ability to meet and communicate with the client/patient in an optimal way. In this two days course we give you the answer to this.

Continuous Training

Wellness Coach

Individuals and companies realize the benefits of investing in health for increased well-being but also for increased performance. For this reason, the work as a wellness coach involves supporting and motivating health and lifestyle changes.

Career Coach

Do you feel that your calling is to support people in finding their dream job? Welcome to the exciting world of career coaching!
During this two days module you will learn what it means to be a career coach, how to create awareness for your clients so they can answer the question “Who am I?” and how to support them so they can manage the process of career development.

Team Coaching

Mastery module to coach groups is for you that are passionate about group processes and dynamics either it’s in a corporate context or in private or NGO’s missions.

Other Programs


You get calmer, more focused and more in the present moment. It means you get to be a better listener, a better friend or partner and/or a better parent. On a professional level you get to be a better manager, teacher, coworker, doctor etc.

SDI 2.0

Instead of focusing on WHAT we do, SDI 2.0® can help us understand WHY we behave in a certain way and HOW we relate to each other. With the help of Relationship Intelligence (RQ) SDI 2.0 can create a common language that helps people to understand what is important.

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