Accredited Coach Training Program

Accredited Coaching Training Program is an accreditation given by ICF to training institutes that offer end-to-end coach training programs for individuals who want to be certified coaches. CoachCompanion offers coach training through programs such as Professional Coach with Diploma and Self Mastery – Certification program.

In another word, this accreditation means that we have high demands from our mentor coaches. In addition, our program participants receive 17 hours of mentor coaching, comparing to the 10 hours required by ICF. 

This ensures that we meet high expectations and offer the best quality of professional and certified coaches.


Icon for Professional Coach iwth Diploma

Professional Coach with Diploma

Icon of Coaching Leadership with Diploma

Self Mastery - Certification program

CoachCompanion offers its accredited coaching training programs to all individuals and groups who are interested in gaining valuable coaching expertise through recognized and effective leadership and coaching models.

Accredited Coaching Training Program- Path to certification

All coaching practice hours held during the training count towards meeting your ICF credential requirements.  Additionally, CoachCompanion is also accredited to carry out oral examinations for ICF credentials – ACC and PCC.

Through our accredited coaching training and other coaching programs, CoachCompanion can be your training partner from the minute you consider adding coaching as a skill to your portfolio, to the point when you apply for an ICF credential. To know how we can support your journey in order to became a certified coach, follow the path below.

Visual representation of the coaching progress
The path to certification

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