Coaching Leadership in Practice

Coaching Leadership in Practice is the key for a leader to sustainable leadership, motivated employees and good results

Leadership is communication and relationships. In addition with good leadership, you create good results through motivated and self-going employees, in fact, this will have an effect on the financial result and provide good conditions for creating a sustainable and healthy work environment for you and your employees.


Program structure

The education in Coaching Leadership in Practice is a four-day education. Firstly and during the first two days, you focus on the coaching approach and on how to take advantage of the power of your employees. Secondly, during the other two days we start from our own propeller model® which clarifies how you cannot only, but need, balance your responsiveness in the coaching approach with being a clear manager and an inspiring leader.  In conclusion, it is only when the three different roles are balanced that you get a large, powerful propeller and act with full energy towards goals and results. An unbalanced propeller does the opposite.

The unique thing about CoachCompanions’ training in leadership is that we have a holistic approach – that means we take the leadership from a holistic perspective based on the three roles – manager, leader, and coach. The so-called propeller model is trademark protected and CoachCompanions’ own. It describes the importance of having a good balance between the ability to be a clear manager, an inspiring leader, and a responsive coach. In addition, you get in the program concrete tools that you can immediately translate into your own everyday life when you get home. More workshops and less theory. The coaching leadership in practice!

Good leadership gives effects such as increased productivity, reduced sick leave, satisfied employees and customers, as well as goals and results.

The program includes:

  • 4 full days of training from 9am to 5pm.
  • Handouts and “Coaching leadership in practice – The Propeller method” with all training material created by CoachCompanion.
  • On-demand support during all training days.
  • Peer-coaching with other program participants (voluntary but recommended).
  • Free membership to the CoachCompanion ALUMNI network. 
  • Coffee, tea and cookies. Breakfast and lunch.

Note that the class size is limited to 12 participants and all sessions will be held on site at CoachCompanion Romania, in the heart of Cluj.

Program Contents

The coaching approach is a two-day training with a mix of theory and exercises. During the days you get concrete tools that you can take with you and apply directly to your business.

You get tools for developing your active listening, asking powerful questions, goals and goals, values ​​in working life and simple tools to motivate your employees and development in the art of giving feedback.

Presentation of the Propeller model and what it means. Self-assessment based on the model. Prerequisites required for the propeller method to work. Consequences if it doesn’t. Who am I as a clear manager, inspirational leader and responsive coach.

The unplanned conversation. The difficult conversation. Conflict. To coach more than one person at the same time.

In addition and as a bonus, CoachCompanion invites all our program participants to join us for a Swedish Fika, on all training days. The Fika is a uniquely Swedish tradition, of mingling over coffee and specific Swedish delicacies. Therefore we offer all participants a yummy start to the day with a delicious breakfast buffet, to go with their morning coffee, as well as an afternoon coffee break with organic treats. Enjoy your Fika as you mingle with a great mix of participants who share their experiences with each other from day one!


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