Professional Coach with Diploma Program

Professional Coach with Diploma Program is the starting point for all coach training. In addition, it is ideal for those who want to bring a difference to other’s lives, as well as their own.

This program introduces you to the coaching tools and methodologies you need to coach others in a professional manner. Additionally, this training acts as the first step to further your candidature for ICF approved International Certifications in the future.

When you have finished this program you can work as a coach and become an ICF member. To apply for an ACC or PCC  certificate at ICF you can continue your coach training with our Certification Program.


Program Structure

As part of this program, you will receive 8 days of training, 17 mentor coaching hours, course literature, on-demand support, 10 years of coaching know-how, and a separate Diploma Day for the examination, in order to prove your skills through a
live coaching session.

The Professional Coaching Diploma program is structured as 4 modules, spread over 8 days, with each module covering 2 days each.

The program includes:

  • 8 full days of training from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • 5 hours for one-on-one sessions, with a mentor coach, during the days between modules.
  • 12 hours with a mentor coach, for the group during training days.
  • Coaching is taught through training! Opportunity for at least 15 practice client hours with at least three clients between training days, and completed before Diploma Day.
  • Handouts and book with all training material, created by CoachCompanion.
  • On-demand support during all training days.
  • Peer-coaching with other program participants (voluntary but recommended).
  • Includes the cost for fees for the Examination to be an approved coach and receive the diploma.
    (in case of failure, we will give participant another chance to clear the examination, upon payment of exam fees of 50 Euros).
  • Free membership to the CoachCompanion ALUMNI network, which is a place for all certified coaches and for those with the diploma.
  • Option to market your coaching skills and services, through the CoachCompanion Romania website.
  • Free follow-up call with a mentor coach, after Diploma Day.

Note that the class size is limited to 12 participants and all sessions will be held on-site at CoachCompanion Romania, in the heart of Cluj.

Program Contents

Module 1 (Days 1 and 2) – To set the basics for coaching collaboration

During Module 1 of Professional Coach with Diploma, we will give the participants concrete tools to get started with their practice clients. In summary core competencies we will train on the participants include:

  • Discussing ethics and professionalism
  • Establishing Coach agreements
  • Participating in active listening
  • Establishing trust and understanding with the client

Module 2 (days 3 and 4) – Coaching the client and not the subject

During Module 2 of Professional Coach with Diploma, we will introduce CoachCompanion model of “Volcano coaching”. Program participants will carry out a variety of exercises in order to increase self-awareness for clients. In summary core competencies we will train on the participants include:

  • Creating awareness
  • Planning and setting goals
  • Designing action plans

Module 3 (Day 5 and 6) – The Coaching Toolbox

The Professional Coach with Diploma Module 3 will talk about how increased and faster effect in cooperation a coach can achieve through the use of coaching tools like physical space, the senses, etc.  We will introduce a wide variety of tools to the participants. In summary core competencies we will train on the participants include:

  • Creating awareness within the client
  • Recognizing what makes a question ‘powerful’
  • Engaging in direct communication

Module 4 (day 7 and 8) – My impact as a coach

In Module 4 of Professional Coach with Diploma, participants will train to combine what they have learned in the previous modules and use the previously learned core competencies based on their own unique coaching style. Here, we also train the participants in process coaching, in order to take coaching to further deeper levels. In summary core competencies we will train on the participants include:

  • Managing progress and accountability
  • Coaching presence
  • Creating awareness

Diploma Day

Diploma Day is an extra day reserved for all participants to showcase their learning post-program completion. This is an oral examination held as a coaching session with an examiner; generally assessed over a telephonic conversation. The day concludes with a Diploma Ceremony.

*Most coaches who earn their diploma from CoachCompanion, opt to carry on their coach training through our specially designed Mastery modules in order to become accomplished in one or more niche areas of coaching. You can also simultaneously choose to start the International Coaching Certification program approved by ICF.

In addition and as a bonus, CoachCompanion invites all our program participants to join us for a Swedish Fika, on all training days. The Fika is a uniquely Swedish tradition, of mingling over coffee and specific Swedish delicacies. Therefore we offer all participants a yummy start to the day with a delicious breakfast buffet, to go with their morning coffee, as well as an afternoon coffee break with organic treats. Enjoy your Fika as you mingle with a great mix of participants who share their experiences with each other from day one!

Let’s have a talk !

“A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.”

– Lao Tzu –



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